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home automation for services / trade

Your business monitored in the palm of your hand


Designing or making efficient buildings that are safe and have great performance is much more than architecture or location. The right technology makes better use of resources, simplifies operations, and provides protection for users of the space. 

An efficient building management includes control and monitoring of security and energy efficiency. Interoperability between access control and intrusion, video surveillance, HVAC, and automation of lighting enables substantial efficiency gains, reducing costs, and improving safety procedures. 

A professional intrusion system with integrated access control is the foundation for the security of any micro company, SME, or more complex entities. Centralized control and monitoring, even with multi-location, is essential so that when there are unexpected situations, one is able to react efficiently and understand how to avoid similar future situations.

Next-generation digital surveillance not only offers endless possibilities for the safety of spaces, but also the gathering of information that can enhance your business, employee efficiency, and customer protection. 








Centralized monitoring and recording in remote spaces, or even in the cloud, represent the guarantee of accessing records anywhere and from any interface. 

Automation of lights, blinds, air conditioning, and other non-essential devices, allows for significant savings in resources at the end of the month. The guarantee that the lights and air conditioning are turned off in unused spaces, that the coffee machine, printer, sound system, monitors, and other unnecessary equipment not needed after working hours are off when the last person leaves the office, thus avoiding the costs of the parasitic load that heavily weigh on the monthly electricity bill. By integrating lights and blinds, you can ensure ideal brightness levels and maximum efficiency of air conditioning during office hours. 

Microgeneration and auto-consumption. Providing your company with alternative energy sources is an important investment nowadays. As they are increasingly efficient, photovoltaic solar panels and wind micro-generators allow for a faster return on initial investment, and help balance the costs with the electric power distribution network, whose prices continue to rise sharply.