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Home Automation

Feel safe, in contact, and in comfort.


...where you want to relax after intense days, would you really reject the possibility of passing the concerns of safety and comfort onto a smart, reliable, and easy to use system?


We aim to turn every home into self-adjustable mechanisms that make the lives of all members of the household easier, where electrical devices can communicate with each other, providing a wide range of solutions and applications always focused on safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.




Scalable systems in internationally recognized standards

In new projects or in your current home, with big changes or small renovations, we offer a solution that fits your needs. 
Therefore, we very much welcome you to our world, where the safety and comfort of your family are top priorities. For us, your home is your imagination. We think of a system that meets your needs, and we give you the key to create your own reality.




Lights, blinds, and air conditioning

The use of LED technology could be enhanced to create the perfect ambience in your home for many different situations. The variation in intensity and colour in a palette with more than 3 million choices is accessible by means of a very user-friendly chromatic interface. 
Correct positioning of the blinds in accordance with indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as the use of motorized pivoting windows, help maintain a natural, comfortable temperature. The savings in resources that are required for air conditioning with any form of technology used is substantial.




Integration with multimedia

The use of IOT (Internet of things) multimedia technology has allowed for a superior interaction between devices such as Hi-Fi systems, televisions, projectors, distribution sound systems, etc. 
Arriving home, you may have, in addition to the positioning of blinds and the adjustment of lights and temperature, the choice of your favourite musical playlist in your living room, or the television set to your children's favourite channel.




Intrusion, surveillance, technical security

The prevention of everyday threats is important in a smart home, because when they happen, the consequences are often disastrous. The monitoring of possible break-ins, fires, gas leaks, floods are more easily contained and have less serious consequences when detected in a primary stage. 
The rapid identification of the threat will trigger a response from the house, including not only communication of the event, but also an active response, such as enhancing lighting and sound to make it look like someone is at home, opening blinds and windows for a quick dissipation of fumes or gases....




Energy management

Monitoring of electricity, gas, and water usage is essential for an energy-efficient house. Just by understanding how much, when, and where we are consuming, it allows us to make the best choices. With this information, it is possible to automatically avoid energy consumption peaks that hinder the use of lower contracted power which is cheaper, to schedule off-peak use, to understand that lights or appliances were left on by mistake, to decrease parasitic loads (standby), to be alerted of unusual consumption that can reveal problems or misuse of devices and even leaks.